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eNewsletter 12/10/07

A gift for you
The holidays are upon us, and the staff here at Mechatronic Design would like to offer you a few gifts, one of which you will be able to enjoy throughout the year.

Our first gift is this bonus issue of the Mechatronic Design e-newsletter, packed with interesting articles and information, including a link that lets you sign up to continue receiving additional issues free.

The second gift is a new website -- -- where interdisciplinary engineers will not only be able to find relevant information, but also engage in various design-oriented engineering exercises and problem-solving steps. This is going to be difficult, but please don't open till Christmas!

To hold you over, however, here's something you can enjoy now, a stimulating editorial that draws parallels between interdisciplinary design and an unusual painting technique perfected by Leonardo da Vinci and employed in his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. Hope you like it.

Larry Berardinis

Drivers Get An Assist In The Not-So-Blind Spot
From alertness-assistance to traffic-sign recognition, activesafety systems are revolutionizing the world of automotive electronics is redefining the driver/car interface and promising a vastly safer driving experience. For 2007, we recognize Hella's lanechange warning system as the Best Automotive Design.

a Holiday Gift Guide 2007 Better-than-a-bearing
To help move you into the holiday spirit, Motion System Design editors have assembled a few ideas for that special someone on your list. Treat a friend or treat yourself, and use the justifications as needed. Happy holidays!

a Mechantronics Q & A: Hold It Steady
Q: What is the difference between sizing a load for static versus dynamic holding?
A: Torque can informally be thought of as a “rotational force” or “angular force” that causes a change in rotational motion. In static-holding applications, the torque needed for a brake to hold the load is the result of linear force multiplied by a radius.

a Model-based design for mechatronics systems
It is now practical to write software for real-time systems long before the actual computer hardware is sitting in a physical prototype. In today’s world it is rare to find electromechanical devices without some kind of embedded computer system. In fact, the intelligence provided by an embedded system is often the key that differentiates a piece of equipment from its competitors.

Linear actuators
Economical ETA Series pneumatic linear actuators contain an internal linear-resistive transducer. They are reportedly ideal for applications where traditional magnetic position sensing is not an option. The cylinders are also suited for applications requiring variable stroke and speed, or continuous position sensing. The units have 303-stainless- steel piston rods, 304-stainless tubes, and aluminum heads and caps. Five bore sizes range from 1.06 to 3 in., standard lengths from 6 to 24 in., and maximum pressure rating is 250 psi.
More Information:
Enfield Technologies

a Low-friction pneumatic actuators
The MQ Series precision- machined cylinders minimize sliding friction. Breakaway pressure is as low as 0.001 MPa (0.15 psi), making the units suited for force and tension-control applications. The MQQ versions are based on the company's CQ2 compact cylinder. Products are available in 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, and 40-mm bore sizes. Operating pressure ranges from 0.005 to 0.5 MPa (0.75 to 75 psi), operating speed from 0.3 to 500 mm/sec, with standard strokes from 10 to 100 mm. MQM round-body cylinders are for applications that require extremely high-frequency operation. Operating speeds range to 3,000 mm/sec (120 ips). MQP miniature versions are available as well. All MQ Series actuators are designed for long life: 10,000 km or 100 million operating cycles.
More Information:
SMC Corp. of America

Mechanical vibration switches
Model 685A07 mechanical vibration switch provides continuous vibration monitoring in applications that require immediate shutdown when increased vibration levels are present. Features include standard external pushbutton reset with no power to operate and a spring loaded, magnetically coupled sensor, which can be externally adjusted for higher or lower sensitivity. A CSA certified explosion-proof version is also available.
More Information:
IMI Sensors, Div. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Motion control system
The Rexroth NYCe4000 controls up to 10 stepper and servo motors with integrated drive technology. It integrates control and drive hardware in one unit with a smaller footprint than an industrial PC. The controller has up to 120 digital and analog I/O ports and, up to 62 NYCe4000 controllers can operate in a network using standard PC technology
More Information:
Bosch Rexroth

Industry News
a New Advanced Mechatronics Training Center
The US Department of Labor estimates that more than 10 million skilled factory jobs will be unfilled by the year 2020 -- only 13 years from now. To meet that demand, Suffolk County Community College (SCCC), Brentwood, New York, together with Festo Corp., Hauppage, New York, recently unveiled the new Advanced Mechatronics Training Center.

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