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Manufacturers' need workers to run the robots

Automation is creating good-paying jobs operating, maintaining machinery Anthony Nix knew what he wanted to learn, so he recently combined an industrial mechanics major with an automated manufacturing minor at Spartanburg Community College. ...

The Mechatronics of MEMS

“If I had to do it over again, I would’ve pursued a physics degree,” says Jonathan Hammond, staff design engineer for MEMS Technology Development at RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) in Greensboro, N.C. ...

Finally . . . a Chair That Falls Down and Picks Itself Up Again

Thanks to machine vision, a sophisticated control algorithm, and 14 high-torque servomotors from MicroMo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, Fla., the wait for a self-collapsing, self-assembling chair is over. ...

Walk this Way

The motor is one solid piece shaped with multiple legs that can elongate as well as bend sideways. ...

Engineering Salary Surveys

Whether you're searching for your first job right out of school or contemplating your next career move, it pays to be informed. How much are other engineers in your field earning? What are the "hot" jobs for the next decade? How do you find your dream job? To get an accurate read on the engineering job market, it's a wise idea to investigate a few different sources of information. Here are some web sites to get you started...

A day in the life of a medical designer

How long have you been involved in medical design? I've been a research scientist for 26 years and have worked in CT (Computed Tomography) for 20 years....

Moving-magnet linear motors

Linear motors are becoming increasingly practical for general motion. Many are used for long strokes of a few feet or more. One new design, however, where...

A formula for success

Engineering, as practiced in its various forms, rests squarely on the development, transfer, and application of systematic problem-solving techniques....

The straight story on linear actuators

Linear actuation is employed everywhere, for packaging, life sciences, transportation, and factory automation jobs. Pneumatic and hydraulic linear actuators operate on pressure differentials; electromechanical actuators are either linear motors or rotary motors driving a screw or belt. The selection and use of these technologies is greatly influenced by the user's technical knowledge, the project's budget, energy sources, and performance tradeoffs....

Anticipating every move

Digital motion control is boosting output on everything from high-end machining centers to simple signmaking devices. But often, these systems aren’t used to their full dynamic capacity, because tight corners and sudden stops are too much of a challenge to navigate safely, within machine limits...

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