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Mechatronic Theory

mechatronic theory

Mechatronics: Principles and Applications

Motor control is one of those wonderful digital/analog topics that has become more important in embedded development with the increase in microcontrollers targeted at this space as well as a competitive demand for more sophisticated solutions....

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Tracing the history of mechatronics

An engineer by the name of Ted Hoff, one of Intel Corp.’s earliest hires, was called on to work with a customer trying to build a solid-state calculator. Hoff studied the proposed design, based on 12 custom ICs, but wasn’t convinced it was the optimum solution. He proved himself right when he discovered an alternative (single-chip) approach that relied not on hardware operations but on “programming” sequences that manipulated data using memory and register functions....

What's a mechatronics technician?

When Keith Campbell muses about industrial education, his thoughts go back to his uncle Ralph. After graduating first in his high-school class, Ralph got a job as a machinist. He spent a long and satisfying career working in factories with no regrets....

Human-machine interface

Perhaps more than any other machine component, the human-machine interface (HMI) brings full meaning to the concept of usability engineering. It's the plane where man and machine must interact, ultimately determining a machine's ease of use and, by extension, its productivity...

Design Engineering 101

The basic principles of design engineering, including: CAD/CAM/CAE, fastening/jointing, fluid power, materials, mechanical, motion control and electrical. ...

Stepmotor basics

Learn about the basics of stepmotors, see the differences between two and five-phase technology, and more...

Pneumatic actuation basics

Pneumatic actuation plays a major role in today's world of computerized automation. It's reliable, economical, and surprisingly easy to use. Understanding pneumatics is a matter of physics. When air inside a container builds up, pressure magnitude is the same at all points within the fluid. The air also pushes out on its vessel uniformly....

Motor Basics

The wide range of electric motors can be a confusing topic even without considering intelligent motor control. This brief overview is for those who think motors are only divided into two categories: ac or dc....

Engineering Salary Surveys

Whether you're searching for your first job right out of school or contemplating your next career move, it pays to be informed. How much are other engineers in your field earning? What are the "hot" jobs for the next decade? How do you find your dream job? To get an accurate read on the engineering job market, it's a wise idea to investigate a few different sources of information. Here are some web sites to get you started...

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