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MCU Takes On LIN And Motor Control

The AMIS-30621 incorporates a microstepping motor driver for remote and multiple axes positioning applications....

Step Motor Controller/Driver Nixes Additional Heatsinking

The SMC-32 stepping motor controller/driver can control four-, six-, or eight-lead, two/four-phase stepping motors with currents up to 3 A per phase....

Four-Axis Step-Motor Controller/Driver Features Rates Up To 50,000 Steps/s

The MCB-4B is a compact unit that can control up to four stepping motors with mini-step capability. This four-axis integrated stepping motor controller/driver board can be used to control any stepping motor with four, six, or eight leads and a phase current of up to 3 A....

Three-Phase Motor Controller Boasts 3-A DMOS Drivers

The A3936 three-phase brushless dc motor controller/driver IC features 3-A DMOS output stages and commutation logic....

Embedded: Motor Control Comes In A Kit

Three-phase brushless dc and ac motors can be found in the AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit. It comprises a motor-control board with a 10-A inverter stage, an optoisolation board, a 24-V brushless direct-current motor, and the inDART-STX/D In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer....

Embedded: MIPS-Based MCU Manages Motor Control

The TX19A70 brings the power of a 56-MHz, 32-bit MIPS processor to motor-control applications like air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. Simultaneous vector motor control of inverter motors and application control is possible....

AC Motor Control Unit Targets Industrial And Automotive Applications

The MC3PHAC Motor Control Unit is a pre-programmed, variable-speed, three-phase ac device. It provides a comprehensive motor-control solution for use in many industrial, automotive, and home applications like low-horsepower HVAC motors, home washing machines and dishwashers, commercial appliances, process controls, pumps, and fans....

Motor-Control System Eyes Robotics

The versatile Motor Mind C dc motor-control system can control one or two brushed dc motors. In serial mode, users have direct control of the motor speed and direction. When configured for two motors, the motor speed and direction for each motor is controlled independently....

Tweeter digital servodrives

Tweeter digital servodrives provide sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation, as well as current, velocity, and full position control....

CAN-model servo system

XtraDrive-CAN model servo system allows users to interface with CAN while using non-linear control (NCT) technology....

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